Tim's literary outdribblings:

Essay: What can we do with intermittent electricity?

Essay: Can nuclear share the grid with wind or solar?

Essay: Intermittent renewables - What are they really for? (Long explanatory document.)

Essay: The Enemy Within - Why there should be zero grid-connected wind and solar

Essay: Why grid-connected wind or solar won't work (UK Welsh Affairs Committee submission)

Flier: We want 100% nuclear (single-sided).

Flier: Intermittents are a scam.

Flier: Intermittents are worse than useless.

Flier: Problems with grid-connected intermittent renewables

Flier: Nuclear benefits

Complaint to BBC: CAS7127647R5S9G4

Complaint to BBC: CAS7161956

Complaint to BBC: CAS7121656C4L9V6

Complaint to BBC: CAS6885851

Complaint to BBC: CAS7159503